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(book footnote) Image legend: “Arthava-veda is a charm to promote virility: “Thee, the plant, which the Gandharva dug up for Varuna, when his virility had decayed, thee, that causest strength, we dig up / Sshas (aurora), Surya (the sun), and the charm of mine, the bull Pragapati (the lord of creature) shall with his lusty fire arouse him! / This herb shall make thee so very full of lusty strenght, that thou shalt, when thou art excited, exhale heat as a thing on fire! / The fire of the plants, and essence of the bulls shall arouse him! Do thou, O Indra, controller of bodies, place the lusty force of men into this person! / Thou (O herb) art the first-born sap of the waters and also of the plants. Moreover thou art the brother of Soma, and the lusty force of the antelope buck! / Now, O Agni, now, O Savitar, now, O goddess Sarasvarti, now, O Brahmanaspati, do thou stiffen the pasas as a bow! / I stiffen thy pasas as a bowstring upon the bow. Embrace thou (women) as the antelope buck the gazelle with ever unfailing (strength)! / The strength of the horse, the mule, the goat and the ram, moreover the strength of the bull bestow upon him, O controller of bodies (Indra)!” The connection is to the healing of the Izdubar, the wounded bull God.

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