The Story of How I Came To Be Blogging About An Awakening

Whooooo Arrrre Yoouuuu?

Who am I? I am awareness. I am a sliver of the Source consciousness clothed in a body of forgetfulness named “Laura’, here to live a life and learn the lessons. Shall I tell you about this person?

As is the case for each of us, the story actually begins at my birth but I don’t feel like doing that much typing and – admit it – you’re secretly relieved I’m not going to back all the way up to the day I was born. Instead, I’m going to start with late summer 2016, when I was starting my 54th year on the planet and wrapping up what is likely to be my final job in healthcare, the industry in which I’d spent 30+ years. Though school taught me I was interested in both the arts and biological sciences, I elected to pursue the latter, studying microbiology in college and going on to hold positions with healthcare payers, private and group practices, hospitals, large healthcare systems, and a vendor before spending a year as an independent contractor. My skills at organizing – information, things, people, processes – and communicating led to middle and upper management positions in data technologies and quality improvement while my interest in the underlying medicine usually kept me engaged in even the most challenging projects. In short, my professional life had been, at least from one perspective, ‘successful’.

And yet not. Those same thirty years also showed me the US healthcare system is reliably unreliable and largely inhumane, despite its impressive cost, technology and the honest, compassionate efforts made daily by thousands of smart people to make it otherwise. Recent efforts to reform the system kept it essentially beholden to for-profit vendors, greatly limiting true change. News from the presidential campaign, in full swing as this story begins, promised to bring more politically-motivated mayhem but little real improvement. And suddenly, as the summer of 2016 drew to a close, the thought of continuing to tackle all these same issues and challenges for another ten or fifteen years before retiring … the very idea left me feeling a bit unwell, literally. Immediately, that part of my mind concerned with practical matters reminded me that not finding another healthcare job now would be incompatible with my well-laid plans for continued success and a comfy retirement, which added more angst to my growing uncertainty about my future.

By happy coincidence, I had earlier decided to take a 3-month sabbatical when my project contract ended in November. I assumed this long rest, already full of plans for long virtual-reality gaming sessions and some holiday fun thrown in besides, would have me ready to dive back into the fray of healthcare improvement. Because that’s what sabbaticals are for, right? Get the wind back in those sails! Read some motivational books! Rejuvenate and get ready to return to the work-a-day world!