Cannabis Basics

Links To Lots Of Good Marijuana Content

The legalization of recreational cannabis in some US states has finally brought to this country the transparency needed to fuel an enormous wave of creativity in all-things marijuana. For those of you interested in deep-diving into the new wealth of public information on cannabis, here are the sites that keep me up-to-date on all the serious and silly goings on in the industry.

  • The Cannabist – a longstanding resource with a large group of writers able to bring in news and information from a broad range of topics that includes clothing, parenting and sports.
  • High Times – maybe the longest-standing cannabis magazine, this website focuses on the latest news and trends across culture, growing, edibles and more.
  • Leafly – This website has emerged as the go-to spot to quickly find dispensaries and bud info. They’ve done an excellent job, since their start just a few years ago, of maintaining a clean, user-friendly site and mobile app while quickly expanding their content to include deeper threads: terpene definitions, a nice collection of ‘cannabis 101‘ resources, and several news lines.
  • NCBI – and if you really want to geek out on the data, I refer you to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, operated by the US National Library of Medicine, a website that presents a no-nonsense library of biomedical and genomic information.
  • NORML – Founded in 1970, this group works to reform marijuana laws. While their focus is legislative, because they’re one of the oldest such organizations they’ve had time to build up a lot of good “pot 101” content like FAQs, policy fact sheets, a nice primer article and, my personal favorite, nice summaries on recent medical research; a great site for getting your hands on cannabis data.
  • The Weed Blog – a nice running collection of headlines in a range of areas like culture, cooking, and growing. Their mission:  “facilitating a constructive conversation about marijuana in America”.

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