And Now For Something Completely Different

Discovering Traces Of The Profound In Numbers

After spending a few months filling up on historical documentaries that both informed and disturbed my mind, I needed a change and so turned my focus to math … numbers … science!

Since I just posted a lot of ayahuasca content, I was thinking this post would seem a sharp switch in subjects but in reality, some mathematicians would argue the state of mind induced by contemplating complex numerical concepts is very much like experiencing a psychedelic state of mind. And I think it’s that kind of insight and passion for a subject that we want to see in someone we consider a teacher, or least I do. I do love a good story well told by a learned mind – and when the story’s about something of which I know little, like the complex mathematical concepts, so much the better. But when the stories infect the listener with the wonder, magic and mystery of the world?! Well, that’s just like manna for the mind!

By the way, all this fawning over math is coming from someone largely uninterested in the subject. The highlight of my mathematical achievements in school was burning through algebra class two days straight by arguing with the teacher against the mathematical statement; 1.999… = 2. My 16-year old mind wasn’t having it! There was no time left over for homework assignments for those two days and I was a hero.

And to be clear, not even these modern movies and lectures could make me a fan of math; I have no newfound interest in memorizing formulae or plotting equations. But with creative explanations and visual models in the films below, now I can at least glimpse the spaces these concepts are describing, which has been helpful in following consciousness science. And thinking of math as a language to describe space, as taught by The Story of Maths, was also a new exercise for me. These films make clear how this ‘language’ of numbers inspires proficient mathematicians to comprehend larger spiritual truths about our world, all of which reminds me of an insight revealed by the awakening; there are many paths to the same center.

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