Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live (2013)
Lothar Schafer

Dr. Schafer gets right down to business with his title for - Chapter 1: Materialism is Wrong: The Basis of the Material World is Nonmaterial.
"Behind the visible surface of things is the infinite ocean of possibility. Its waves are so beautiful and inviting. "What a wonderful world," Louis Armstrong sings. What a wonderful life, in which the playful waves in the cosmic ocean dare you, tease you, and play a game of hide-and-seek with you, all the time hoping that you will catch one and turn it into a beautiful poem, a painting, a song, or a wonderful act of human kindness." --Lothar Schafer, 'Infinite Potential'
This book is an excellent explanation of the key concepts in quantum physics which are leading many in the sciences to consider a new non-materialist model of the universe and of life itself. Instead of seeing all forms and things as made of hard, dead matter, Dr. Schafer uses the recent developments in his field to demonstrate how all form is arising out of a field of interconnected and infinite potential. He goes on to describe how this field, which can arise to become anything, transforms into the 'material' forms we perceive all around us. (There's a good interview with Dr. Schafer available to subscribers of E. Tolle's website - a snippet is posted on youtube)

So, a field that can be anything … exists around and in all things … It may sound like we're talking about The Force but those who've altered their consciousness to encounter the vast presence of Source consciousness (the God Mind, the Over-soul, The One Mind ...) will quickly recognize the similarities.

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