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Loch Kelly is a spiritual teacher who, like many on this page, cultivated his insights by investigating a variety of wisdom traditions: Buddhism, meditation disciplines, Advaita, and Dzogchen and Sutra Mahamudra. Loch is a practicing psychotherapist and founder of the Open-Hearted Awareness Institute, a group dedicated to teaching the methods Loch's developed to access what he calls 'awake awareness'.
“The big realization when we go beyond the ego is simply seeing that we've always been ok.” --Loch Kelly
What's been helpful: I first came across Loch as part of the large group of teachers I found linked to the Science and Nonduality site. His guided meditations focused on bringing the listener to the 'small glimpses many times' experience of the awakened state. While listening to Loch, I noticed something that seems unique - his use of entirely secular language. Many teachers will use at least an occasional religious term - or terms from numerous religions - when sharing their nondual insights so Loch's rap is likely to appeal especially to those trying to avoid the mental baggage tied to words like God, soul, or spirit (I'm raising my hand right now).

Since I had already accomplished all my 'small glimpses' in one 'long drop' down the magic mushroom rabbit hole, I was eager for answers instead glimpses and so moved on to other teachers after listening to Loch. As I continued browsing, I noted that Loch Kelly's name appears often within the nondual community and he's clearly regarded by many as an effective teacher. Loch has also published a book, Shift Into Freedom, in which he details his approach to experiencing 'open-hearted awareness'.

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