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Stories Of Awakening From The Awakened

The first time I heard this well-known Timothy Leary quote (from Terence McKenna, if memory serves) it struck a nerve, for what is it we all do when we experience something astonishing? We look for someone to tell and in the telling, seek to discover the others who understand the experience. Such were my first thoughts immediately after awakening; I think I even said out loud, “I have to write a book! I have to tell people!”, statements which give you some idea of how disorienting an awakening can be as I haven’t a clue how to write a book. (Apparently this happens a lot as there are a lot of books about awakening; probably why Eckhart Tolle often jokes about counseling the newly awakened to “wait a bit on the book”.) In fact, what I really needed were the books – and films and websites – of those who’d already explored altered states of consciousness and could help answer the questions whizzing around in my mind: “What the hell just happened? Has it happened to anyone else? What does it mean? What do I do now?”

In my search for the others, I came across a group of films in which ‘awakened’ men and women share their experiences, a few of which I’ve already mentioned. In this post and the next, I’ll share links to several more titles, including some films that address the use of psychotropic substances. As I listened to the encounters of these people, I recognized numerous details from my own awakening but more importantly, I recognized the fundamental truth – a single shared awareness (Source) whose nature is pure and eternal love – they all spoke about. And after the mental tumble of an awakening, hearing the stories these people were willing to share gave me a sense of regained footing – an assurance that I hadn’t broken my brain or lost my marbles and that what I had experienced was as real as I had perceived it to be. It was also interesting to notice the wide variety in spiritual backgrounds of the speakers, demonstrating how the experience of awakening is available to anyone in any walk of life.

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  • serenitychasing Amy

    February 25, 2018 at 8:48 am Reply

    This is a great description of that process. Is that an ego desire to have others concur with our deep transcendent experiences? I am in a place right now where my ego feels lonely that I really can’t share my awakening in a satisfying way.

    • lmdietzel

      February 27, 2018 at 1:18 pm Reply

      I wonder if our instinct for reaching out to share / confirm comes first from an intuitive awareness of our connectedness to all things. If our nature is truly as a Part of a single Whole, then it seems this nature would always be reaching out to share all perception with the One Mind. And then the ego steps in to further shape this sharing – a dense ego might want more recognition for the persona (“see how wise I am!”) versus someone like Eckhart Tolle who acknowledges that none of the wisdom and insight he shares actually comes from ‘Eckhart’.

      I hear what you’re saying about finding a role for the ego! I too don’t have a ‘plan’ for living – or making a living – as an awakened being and my egoic self reminds me incessantly how uncomfortable it is with this state of affairs. The lesson in this (for me) has been to develop the trust that I’ve been hearing so many teach about. Can I trust that if I follow my intuition and follow this new path, I will find my most satisfying life? Sometimes it feels a bit like whistling down the garden path while blindfolded but that’s the egoic self wishing for a plan. So I keep doing what I enjoy – writing and creating – while staying focused on this new truth and practice building trust (without crossing my fingers :)

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