Been Nesting & Resting…

~~ Been Nesting & Resting ~~


The estate sale was a smashing success and I’m now writing to you from a cozy little 396 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels parked on a small lot I purchased about 30 miles north of my previous address. Since moving mid-November, I’ve been unpacking, putting in windows, building porch doors, decorating and painting a tiny galley kitchen that seems to go on forever – among a million other things.


I recently plugged back into my blog to find a major WordPress update (yeesh), a few broken links (ugh) and formatting that needs fixing. (How long was I gone?!) So once some housekeeping is done (and I’ve learned some new ‘features’), I’ll be sharing more posts, links, and etc., including some thoughts on what it was like to sell most of my material possessions (what a rush!). More soon…..


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