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Adding these nine groups to the ‘Organizations’ page today:

The Beckley Foundation

Founded in the UK in 1998 by Amanda Fielding, the Beckley Foundation is a think-tank and NGO focused on research into psychoactive substances and the related science and public policy. This well-constructed site hosts a number of interesting articles about psychotropics on their ‘press‘ page, such as this article on the role of music during psychedelic therapy. Their science content includes studies on LSD, psilocybin, cannabis, ayahuasca/DMT, MDMA and meditation for clinical applications that include depression, anxiety, cluster headaches, addictions and more – plus loads of global policy content! Overall, a good site for staying in touch with what’s happening on the global front in psychedelic medicine. YouTube channel.

Noetic Infusions

This is the teaching arm of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), a group founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell in the 1970’s which is dedicated to consciousness research and human transformation. This site is a new offering so the list of in-person and e-learning offerings is small so far; they’re also hosting ‘virtual gatherings’, workshops and even a Mayan tour. What caught my eye about this site is the content under the tab labeled ‘Research Participation’ where IONS lists any study open for online and in-person participation. Feel like testing your psi abilities to change the flow of photons? Want to participate in precognition research? Information and links for these and other studies – and IONS’ new ‘PsiQ‘ research app – are found here.

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