There Is Nothing Wrong With You

There Is Nothing Wrong With You: Going Beyond Self-Hate (2001)
Cheri Huber

If you are looking for a warm, loving hug in book form, your search has reached its end. From the welcoming words of the title to practically the last word of the last page, this book is full of encouragement and simple wisdom.
“At some point, now or later, you're going to have to risk being you in order to find out who that really is. Not the conditioned you, not the you you've been taught to believe you are - who you really are. And this perhaps will be the scariest, the most loving, the most rewarding thing you have ever done.” ―Cheri Huber in 'There Is Nothing Wrong With You'
Printed in various large fonts and augmented with simple line drawings and cartoons, these 200+ pages serve as both a quick, heart-warming read and a nice reference book for short lessons or daily meditations. But don't be fooled by the informal appearance of the book; Cheri is an experienced spiritual teacher with a clear understanding of how the conditioned egoic self develops and then maintains the stories of self-criticism that we all have playing in our heads. This insight, combined with Cheri's special brand of loving and compassionate writing, results in a book containing both practical tools for detaching from egoic chatter as well as many warm words of healing wisdom. Definitely a good book for the newly awakened and aware.

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