Welcome To The Explorations of An Awakened Consciousness

<p id="welcome">Welcome To The Explorations of An Awakened Consciousness</p>

The Intent Of This Blog

In late 2016, after experiencing a profound shift of consciousness via the use of psilocybin mushrooms, I immediately decided to re-purpose my planned 3-month sabbatical; no long virtual reality gaming sessions, no afternoons stretched out with one of a dozen sci-fi books from my reading backlog. In fact, I didn’t even do much in the way of celebrating the 2016 holiday season, preferring to focus on the task of finding and absorbing as much information about ‘consciousness’ and ‘source’ as possible so as to make some sense out of what had just taken place in my mind.

An awakening  (that last word should be in enormous, screaming, 3-D letters that reach out and grab you by the face! – it’s that big of a deal}, I was relieved to find out, is a well-known spiritual phenomenon which, according to many teachers, is occurring at an accelerating rate around the world. I experienced it as a remembering of who I am (not Laura), what I am (consciousness), where I come from (Source), where I return to and where I have always ‘been’ (Source and Source again). I didn’t learn it, I remembered it; a gnosis. And since then, more memories. And the promise of many more, should I want to continue exploring.


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  • Zeno The Stoic

    August 9, 2018 at 2:49 am Reply

    I very much like your blog. I will read many more of your articles over the coming days. I like your views on the absurdity of what most people in this world consider important. I love the fact you retired early from an occupation you found had become absurd. I have never had an “awakening” as such. I am not convinced by panpsychism. I am not convinced by anything in particular but have a very open mind. I confess I have great difficulty with people like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra – the cult of the personality is something which does not gel (to me at least) with the concept of an enlightened being. And commerce and the selling of millions of books for profit does not endear me to these people. But perhaps they give the proceeds to charity?

    I am very wary of “spirituality” and veer toward science but I am well aware of hypocrisy in this matter. My own thoughts veer towards the ethereal and I often tend to wax arty.

    In short I find much in what you have to say that is very familiar to me. I like what you have to say and how you say it. I will continue to follow you with interest.

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